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Alternative Fashion Week 2010 at Spitalfields Market: a review of Day 3

What were the best new designers on day three at Alternative Fashion Week? Read my run down here: including Havering College, Adel Andic, Mary Ratcliffe, Elisabeth Hamlyn, Am Statik and Maartje de Man.

Written by Amelia Gregory


One lovely spring day in March, website like this I found myself in the company of fellow Amelia’s Magazine writer Satu Fox (see her quilt here) on a trip to see the Victoria and Albert Museum's Quilts exhibition. I was excited and intrigued to see what form this exhibition to take – thinking as I travelled along the Piccadilly line through the swarms of excited tourists: how to display quilts? How to convey their memories and the time taken to craft them without overwhelming the audience with text? Fascinated by the process of recording oral history I was keen to experience history that had been stitched, adorned, tessellated, hung on walls and spread across beds.

It turns out the exhibition is simple in concept; quilts are laid on beds or hung upon walls, spilt into bite sized chunks of quilting history namely: Making a living, Meeting the Past, Virtue and Virtuosity,… read more

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Alternative Fashion Week 2010 at Spitalfields Market: An Introduction.

Alternative Fashion Week 2010 runs at Spitalfields Market between 19th - 23rd April 2010. Here's my introduction to this exciting event for up and coming fashion designers.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Alternative Fashion Week is a funny old beast, stuff one that I’ve been getting to know rather well over the past week. And really getting to become rather fond of. […]