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Graduate Fashion Week 2010: Bath Spa

Bath Spa explode onto the Graduate Fashion Week scene on Tuesday 8 June, with 1920s glitz, European nobilty AND lampshades on heads... AGAIN!

Written by Nina Joyce

Nicola Roberts, dosage illustrated by Jenny Robins

So it was time to wrap up what was a pretty crazy week in the form of the Graduate Fashion Week Gala Show. After making arrangements for a ticket a while ago, viagra 60mg I was bemused to find that at the door there was no sign of said tickets.

Perhaps it had been taken by another contributor? Unlikely. 'Are you sure you're supposed to be at this (star-studded) show?' 'Yes' I said, 'that's why I'm wearing a bow tie'.

After a few quick radio calls, I was allowed in. Into Earl's Court, that is - not into the champagne drinks reception. 'Sponsors only' was the reply when I asked if I could have a quick drinkie. 'Sponsors only my eye' I thought, as I recognised half the people in the fashionably-roped off bar area.

So I waited patiently at the entrance to the theatre. And waited.

And waited.

'We'll get you in,' I was told.… read more

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