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Olive Haigh introduces Secret Cupboard Waltz

Olive Haigh tells us more about the making of her beautiful new tune.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Olive Haigh singles artwork Spring 2015
Many a moon ago Olive Haigh contributed illustrations to Amelia's Magazine, but now she is making waves as a talented musician. The beautiful and haunting Secret Cupboard Waltz is her current single and comes with a wonderful video. Here she tells us more...

Secret Cupboard Waltz really is quite secretive, I can't give too much away lyrics-wise, but it was written about a person I know. Most of my songs are about secrets. I like to meet people and learn their stories and secrets and construct songs and artwork about them. Secret Cupboard Waltz is partly about someone and partly about a dream I had about them and their secrets.

Olive Haigh Live 24.04.15
The video which… read more

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