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University of Central Lancashire: Graduate Fashion Week 2012 Catwalk Review

Out-there crazy colours and pattern work from University of Central Lancashire got the first day of graduate fashion week going at Earls Court.

Written by Alia Gargum

Hayley Harrison GFW 2012 UCLan by Alice Hair

Hayley Harrison by Alice Hair

Before attending my first Graduate Fashion Week show, I had a little look around the stands to see what would jump out at me without the glitz and glamour of the catwalk. University of Central Lancashire immediately got my attention thanks to full-sized toiles of Xiaoping (Fiona) Hwang's intricately pleated clothing on display. I chatted with UCLan lecturer Kate Ball, who gave me her tips of who to look out for on the catwalk. Xiaoping was on her list, as well as Claire Acton's hair-inspired silhouettes with oversized perspex hair clips, Talia Golchin who created silhouettes based on old Victorian brothel imagery and Emma Guilfoyle who experimented with large-scale prints of John Major. "It all sounds a bit mad but it's done in a really innovative way," assured Kate, and after flipping through student portfolios and seeing amazing… read more

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London Fashion Week A/W 2011 Preview: Rachel Freire

In the second of our interviews in the run up to London Fashion Week, I met the adorable Rachel Freire at her studio, got a sneak peek at the A/W 2011 collection, and talked tea, boys, nipples and leopard-print irons…

Written by Matt Bramford

Nick25 Illustration by Gemma Milly Nicholas sent me his CD and tape, approved accompanied by a lovely letter about living and musing about in Bristol. One of my favourite pastimes […]