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The Pipettes – Interview

Having lost a member and their reliance on 50s doo-wop, the Pipettes return with a second album that sees them seeking new sounds from the 60s and 70s

Written by Ian Steadman

The Pipettes were a pretty big deal a few years ago, prostate bursting onto the indie club scene with their 50s and 60s-influenced polka-dot pop song album Meet The Pipettes and its hit singles like 'Pull Shapes' and 'Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me'. That was half a decade ago, information pills though - since then, and they've had several members come and go, leaving the band in its current incarnation of sisters Gwenno and Ani [right and left, respectivaly, in the photo above], along with the boys who play the instruments and help write the music. After a long delay they've managed to get a second album ready for release, so I caught up with them earlier this week to see how they've been coping with all this commotion.

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