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Jessica Simmons’ Vintage Cake Diet!

Baking artist extraordinaire Jessica Simmons is among mavericks turning over new avenues to express their creativity. Dieting in January? Amelia's recommends the Simmons Cake Diet.Yum!

Written by Jessica Simmons

Popular education is based on values such as a commitment to transformation and freedom.  This means that rather than learning about the world and climate/social issues, pharmacy participants empower themselves to actually transform their environment.  Unlike traditional education, historical learning is focused on the history of the majority of the world (often socially excluded), and not just that of political and military leaders.

Popular education also aims to blur the relationship between teachers and students, instead creating an equal level at which everyone is learning from and supporting each other.  Social change is encouraged through developing critical awareness about the world and promoting social and environmental justice over economic gain, but debate is stimulated by encouraging free-thinking rather than dictating facts.

Past Trapese workshop topics have included: Migration, Food (history of industrial agriculture and understanding food crisis), Climate justice, Consensus decision making and non-hierarchical organising, Reclaiming space (setting up a social centre and keeping it running), DIY and Understanding the Economy (exploring the meaning of capitalism, recession and realistic alternatives).

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