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Exhibition: 400 Women at Shoreditch Town Hall

175 artists take part in a new, confronting exhibition aims to highlight the murders of over 400 women in Mexico. Here's a summary with an interview with its curator, Tamsyn Challenger.

Written by Matt Bramford

Anna Brønsted Our Broken Garden by Alison Day
Anna Brønsted illustrated by Alison Day. Original photography by Eva Edsjö.

That is a really big sound coming from such a small woman, page dosage I think as I’m standing at the back of the church. Anna Brønsted is up by the pulpit, sale tinkering with her microphone and ignoring the hustle of her fellow musicians doing their own soundchecks around her. St Giles-in-the-Fields, the little church tucked behind the Centre Point building, looks warm and cosy with its mood lighting - but in reality it’s barely warmer than it is outside as London is putting on a full cold and rain spectacle for its Danish guests.

‘It’s so cold in London!’ exclaims Anna as she walks over to me, holding her coat closed at the neck. She introduces herself properly, shaking my hand with a surprisingly strong grip. I ask her how she’s doing, with tonight’s gig only a couple of hours away. Does she like… read more

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Zine Symposium Review

Brick Lane played host to the greats of the Zine world last week, two of our contributors went along to get their thumbs inky, find out what's new in Zine's and eat vegan cupcakes. Here's the first installment.

Written by Amelia Wells

Well well well the kids certainly know what they’re doing at Graduate Fashion Week this year. Sunday kicked off day one of shows for the creatively minded at our very […]


Jessica Simmons’ Vintage Cake Diet!

Baking artist extraordinaire Jessica Simmons is among mavericks turning over new avenues to express their creativity. Dieting in January? Amelia's recommends the Simmons Cake Diet.Yum!

Written by Jessica Simmons

Popular education is based on values such as a commitment to transformation and freedom.  This means that rather than learning about the world and climate/social issues, pharmacy participants empower themselves […]


The 2009 Freedom To Create Prize Awards at the V&A

Artists activists earn major exposure with top creative expression awards

Written by Valerie Pezeron

Illustration by Naif Al-Mutawa courtesy of PagetBaker Associates What do you do when your freedom of expression has been seriously hampered? What happens when an artist has to muster all […]

Delphine Thumbnail

Delphine Lebourgeois: Sisters are doing it for themselves!

Written by Valerie Pezeron

Barbara Millicent Roberts, medical prostate you might know her better as Barbie, cialis 40mg turned the big 5-0 in 2009, shop March 9th to be exact. Rather than getting down […]