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Little May: Dust

Ghost Folk by the Australian threesome: introducing the wonderful world of Little May.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Little May by Hannah Boothman
Little May by Hannah Boothman.

Little May are Hannah Field, Liz Drummond and Annie Hamilton: together they produce eery folk melodies that have garnered the name Ghost Folk. The Australian trio introduce the videos for new tracks Dust and Boardwalks below.

Little May - General Pic

'We worked with the amazing crew from Oh Yeah Wow, and director Darcy Prendergast came up with the concept of exploring how we as humans react to the death of animals on screen. We are all huge dog lovers, and we really connected with his idea. It was simple, effective and we felt it best suited the sentiment of the song. The song itself is quite simple, but grand, and… read more

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