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Palm Ghosts: an interview with Joseph Lekkas

When his previous band came to an end, singer songwriter Joseph Lekkas went through a period of intense depression, emerging to write a beautiful collection of songs as Palm Ghosts.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Palm Ghosts - Canaries In The Mine
Palm Ghosts - Canaries In The Mine, by Carly Watts.

Pennsylvania’s Joseph Lekkas makes 'sun-damaged American music' in his new guise as Palm Ghosts. His first self-titled album as Palm Ghosts is a beautiful collection of songs inspired by an intense period of depression after the dissolution of his previous band, Grammar Debate. 'For the better part of three years he lived with daily anxieties, a prisoner to a constant sense of fight or flight. Through the help of close friends and family, he was able to regain his joy for living. He found that translating his thoughts and feelings into song was not only therapeutic, but necessary.'

Why did Palm Ghosts come into existence?
Palm Ghosts is a product of sketching… read more

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