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London Fashion Week S/S 2011: What’s Hot… and What’s Not.

C'mon, what will you remember from this fashion week? Liquorice ice cream? Unending bottles of Vitamin Water? Men wearing big statement jewellery? Here's my run down of what was hot... and not.

Written by Amelia Gregory

jenny robins - blog slam - circus - toast and biscuit - thewedordeadwager sketch at the rag factory male dating humour
LFW SS2011-photo by Amelia Gregory
All photography by Amelia Gregory.

Every London Fashion Week has it's own particular foibles, stomach it's own idiosyncrasies - and this September was no exception. So I thought I'd write up a little round up of things that will always remind me of this particular fashion week. In no particular order, sickness here goes…

Teabags, check Jelly Bellys and Ferrer Rocher
Why is it that tea companies love to sponsor fashion week so? Qi Teas, Pure Teas, Tea Pigs, Pukka - they were all at it. Is it because tea can be dispensed in a relatively cheap sachet of one and it inherently contains so little calories? That might make sense,… read more

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