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Nadine Shah at the Lexington: Live Review

We saw the hotly tipped singer as she wowed the crowd at her album launch on Monday 22nd July 2013.

Written by Richard Pearmain

Nadine Shah by Tetsuya Toshima

Nadine Shah by Tetsuya Toshima

It was a bakingly hot day, even by the sweltering standards of the past week or so, and the upstairs venue of the venerable Lexington offered cool, air conditioned sanctuary. It was already pretty busy, with Newcastle’s Retriever coming to the end of a pounding post-punk infused set as I arrived, and from what I heard it’s a shame I didn’t get there earlier to catch more of them.

By the time Nadine Shah was due to come on stage, the Lexington was pretty much a full house, and judging by the accents I could pick up, I got the impression that there was quite a sizeable Northeast presence.

Nadine Shah by Avril Kelly

Nadine Shah by read more

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