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Javari Shoes for Show Exhibition Review

From Friday 4th to Tuesday 8th November, Javari held the Shoes for Show exhibition at Brick Lane’s Old Truman Brewery: a showcase of some of the world’s most extraordinary and prestigious footwear designs.

Written by Sarah Deane

Katie Eary for Nike by Eccabin
Katie Eary for Nike by Eccabin.
As if we needed any more proof that shoes are a form of art, online shoe connoisseurs, Javari held a dazzling exhibition over the weekend, showcasing highly desirable footwear designed by some of the world’s most prominent designers.
Nicholas Kirkwood by Eccabin
Nicholas Kirkwood Alice in Wonderland Heels by Eccabin.
From the practical to the not so practical, men and women alike have been fascinated with the enchanting allure of shoes ever since cavemen figured out that walking around barefoot wasn't exactly ideal. As a day to day essential, our little tootsies would be truly lost without the good old shoe, but we all know that societies love for footwear goes a little deeper than a mere practicality designed to get you from A to B.
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