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At War for the Whales: #1 Heading Out

At the end of last year, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society headed for confrontation with a whaling fleet in the freezy waters of the Antarctic. The aim was to non-violently shut down the fleet which looks to kill 950 whales illegaly. Wietse Van Der Werf reports...

Written by Wietse Van Der Werf


The M/V Steve Irwin looks for a way out of a dense field of icebergs (Photo: Eric Cheng / Sea Shepherd Conservation Society)

As a young kid, visit this dosage I was always fascinated by the idea that the Blue Whale, more about the biggest animal ever to have lived on this planet, pill was still out there roaming the oceans. I prized a giant mural of a whale above my bed and every couple of months I sent some of my pocket money off to organisations who worked to keep my whale friends safe. Although whales and the whaling issue were kept in the back of my mind, it wasn't until I reached my mid-twenties that I started realizing that these wonderful creatures were still actively being hunted,… read more

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