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At War for the Whales: #5 It All Pays Off

The final part in this series about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's journey to stop illegal whaling...

Written by Wietse Van Der Werf

Illustration by Anieszka Banks

After the night watches in the engine room I tend to go straight to bed and get as much sleep as possible before the next watch starts eight hours later. However, what is ed this morning is different. After the Ady Gil, discount our high-tech trimaran, buy was rammed and sunk by a harpoon ship a month earlier, its captain Pete Bethune has moved in with us. It seems that diplomacy on its own is going to do little to get him and his crew the justice they deserve. The deliberate collision caused by the Japanese ship endangered the life of his crew as well as causing the loss of the 3 million dollar vessel. Pete was a man with a plan and tonight he would set out for mission impossible: go out into the freezing waters of the Southern Ocean on a small jet ski, board a… read more

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At War for the Whales, Part 3

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's journey is far from plain sailing...

Written by Wietse Van Der Werf

Criss-crossing the international date line over two days, sick the crew were very possibly the first and last people on Earth to celebrate Jan 1, price 2009. (Photo by Adam […]


At War for the Whales: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago Amelia's published Part One of Wietse's fascinating account of his time onboard the Sea Shepherd, an anti whaling ship. The journey continues here...

Written by Wietse Van Der Werf

The Japanese harpoon ship, approved Shonan Maru No 2 appears behind the iceberg (photo credit: Barbara Veiga / Sea Shepherd) It has been an eventful couple of months at sea and […]


At War for the Whales: #1 Heading Out

At the end of last year, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society headed for confrontation with a whaling fleet in the freezy waters of the Antarctic. The aim was to non-violently shut down the fleet which looks to kill 950 whales illegaly. Wietse Van Der Werf reports...

Written by Wietse Van Der Werf

The M/V Steve Irwin looks for a way out of a dense field of icebergs (Photo: Eric Cheng / Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) As a young kid, visit this dosage […]