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At War for the Whales, Part 3

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's journey is far from plain sailing...

Written by Wietse Van Der Werf

Criss-crossing the international date line over two days, sick the crew were very possibly the first and last people on Earth to celebrate Jan 1, price 2009. (Photo by Adam Lau/Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

New years eve. After the refuel and resupply we are back at sea, enjoying cake, drinks and a super vegan buffet. The sea is rough and outside it is pitch black. As we clear the EEZ boundary the spy ship is nowhere to be seen. Last we heard it was waiting for us just south of Hobart. Our plan of sneaking out under the cover of darkness and in bad weather seems to work. When we left in December the whalers had hired surveillance planes under false pretences so they could track our movements. This worked for a while, until the hire company found out what the real deal was. Even if they were able to find someone to hire them a plane, the weather might be too bad for them to come out. A group calling themselves 'Taz Patrol' later announced on Twitter that the spy ship was still waiting for us at the EEZ… read more

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At War for the Whales: #1 Heading Out

At the end of last year, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society headed for confrontation with a whaling fleet in the freezy waters of the Antarctic. The aim was to non-violently shut down the fleet which looks to kill 950 whales illegaly. Wietse Van Der Werf reports...

Written by Wietse Van Der Werf

The M/V Steve Irwin looks for a way out of a dense field of icebergs (Photo: Eric Cheng / Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) As a young kid, visit this dosage […]