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Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou describe making the video animation for new single Big Water

In an Amelia's Magazine exclusive Trevor Moss describes the making of the stop-motion animated video for new single Big Water, released on Heavenly. Fascinating stuff.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Out tomorrow, shop the fab new single from Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou, pilule now signed to Heavenly Recordings. When I was sent a link to the video for Big Water I was instantly intrigued to find out how it had been made - and Trevor was kind enough to get back to me straight away with a description of their 'first stab at animation.' Looks pretty darn good to me! So here's our exclusive low-down, the making of Big Water, but first, watch the video.

[youtube][/youtube]Big Water

Trevor describes the making of Big Water:
We decided a long time ago to make all of the videos for Quality First, Last & Forever! as a series. Having made the videos to Spin Me A Rhyme and Making It Count in the same one-take… read more

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