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Tallulah Rendall introduces new album The Banshee and The Moon

Tallulah Rendall crowdfunded her third album, and next week she launches it alongside a photobook at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Tallulah Rendall by Alison Day

Tallulah Rendall by Alison Day.

Musician Tallulah Rendall is a super talented woman with an indomitable vision that inspires; launching her self-released crowdfunded third album The Banshee and The Moon with a very personal photo album and an accompanying exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery. In this intimate interview she shares the making of her new album, plus what it takes to go for it alone.


What inspired the lyrics of The Banshee and The Moon?
A huge transition in my life. After ten years of playing in bands, I decided that it was time to record an album on my own without the influence of creative collaboration. It was also at this time that I decided to move to Berlin. The move combined with my study of qi gong opened up many new possibilities and… read more

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