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Vintage at Goodwood: Festival Review

So, how did Vintage at Goodwood measure up to the hype? Was it, as feared, just a glorified "vintage" shopping experience? On Saturday I went down to check out the festival for myself. This is what I thought.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Wolf and Badger launch display amy
WolfandBadger skull
All photography by Amelia Gregory.

I don't often head into town for launches after work these days but I was intrigued enough by the sound of the Wolf and Badger pop up store in Selfridges to request a ticket from them and make the trek over on my bike. Even though it was raining and I now have a snuffle.

There's probably a reason why I don't get asked to parties at that temple to consumerism Selfridges - it's hallowed halls are all gleaming and full of trinkets and I don't know that the readers of my website have much money to spend in them. I certainly don't. But it's rather wonderful to visit once in a blue moon - especially the food hall, order where I couldn't resist picking up some Marmite flavoured biscuits by Fudges (shaped like Marmite pots!) as a special treat. Now there's a brand diffusion I really can't get enough of…

WolfandBadger Selfridges window display by… <a href=read more

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