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All that glitters is not gold.

After a couple of scorching weeks, Hannah Bullivant looks at the hosepipe ban, our reliance on water, and the impending water crisis.

Written by Hannah Bullivant

Water Natasha-Thompson-Water-Umbrella-Editorial
Illustration by Natasha Thompson

It’s been sticky, pills unhealthy hasn’t it? The sunshine is all well and good whilst you are within spitting distance of a garden or beer garden (or a patch of pavement if you frequent the majority of London pubs), but battling with public transport, with people so far in your space that they may as well be inside you is no party. Some trains still seem to have the heating on and we are incessantly reminded to consider carrying a bottle of water with us which, curiously, makes me want to punch the drivers face in. Moving in any way other than a slow glide is ghastly in the heat. As one friend put it yesterday, ‘its like moving through hummus’.

Water Fritha Strickland
Illustration by read more

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