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Merthyr to Mayo Solidarity Bike Ride: Galway to Castlerea

The first blog in a series detailing my adventures on a bike bound for Rossport Solidarity Camp in County Mayo, Ireland. Featuring a demo against the atrocities in Gaza, a Lidl carpark and Dallas style houses.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Glastonbury 2010 Climate Camp Pete the Temp
Glastonbury 2010 Climate Camp Lulu and the Lampshades

On Sunday we lost a few and gained a few. Pete Lawrie called by with terrible hayfever to say he couldn't sing for fear of losing his voice but kindly volunteered to perform at another Climate Camp benefit. Of course I made him stand in front of our banners so I could get a photo anyway.

Glastonbury 2010 Climate Camp Pete Lawrie
Pete Lawrie.

Robinson just didn't turn up. I missed a phone call whilst doing an impromptu Green Kite Midnight gig at the Greenpeace Stage, nurse which laughably requested that I get on the radios to sort out a vehicle escort to meet them from their Acoustic Stage gig (erm, buy information pills did you read any of my emails?) They then ignored all my later… read more

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