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Introducing Stylist Pick: Bespoke Fashion Chosen by Top Stylists

A new website aims to clarify the huge amount of choice available when shopping today: by offering bespoke styling from well known stylists such as Grace Woodward and Arabella Greenhill.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Stylist Pick
Stylist Pick is a new service that aims to make finding the right outfit a lot easier, click with the aid of celebrity (oo-er) stylists (think Grace Woodward and Arabella Greenhill). The idea is: you become a member and gain access to expert style tips from those in the know. Think of it as a dating site for finding the right clothes, just fill in the form (which mainly consists of clicking on pics of people whose style you admire) and within a day or so the Stylist Pick team will send you their recommendations straight to your inbox. In an era when it is easy to feel inundated with choice Stylist Pick strikes me as an eminently sensible idea.

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