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Map My Heart: an interview with illustrator Dom and Ink

Fabulous contributing illustrator Dom and Ink has just published his first book, chock full of his wonderful narrative illustrations.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Map My Heart book cover by Dom&Ink

Dominic Evans, known as Dom and Ink, is a super talented illustrator who contributes brilliant fashion illustrations to Amelia's Magazine. He's also just secured his first book deal off the back of his brilliant zine, Batter My Heart, which I was lucky to receive a copy of some time ago. With an illustrative style that is perfectly suited to his idiosyncratic tales of love and heartbreak, this book would make the perfect Christmas gift for a single friend with a sense of humour. I caught up with Dom to find out more about the making of Map My Heart.

Author photo - Dom&Ink

What inspired you to start drawing about relationships and lurve?
I think I'm just really nosey. I really like to hear stories about how people meet, fall in love, break up, weird dates etc. They've always fascinated me. I just find… read more

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