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Boris Turning Back Time Through Pedal Power

The London Cycle Scheme battles obesity, combats peak oil and may cause time travel. Are you a Pioneer, or a pedestrian?

Written by Amelia Wells

Victorian velocity, decease illustration by Jessica Rose Anne

So, viagra people in London have started cycling. How weird is that? Plenty of people have pointed out that cycling is the fastest form of transport which can solve both of Britain’s current crises; obesity and peak oil. You’re aware, of course, that we are all energy guzzling fatties and the only way we can be cured is through the power of the BIKE?! Two wheels good, four wheels bad. Sod the traffic and the ‘advisory’ cycle lanes; as Critical Mass proved, cyclists are taking to the streets and when they get out in force, cars have to MOVE OVER. Quite literally. The bikes might be a bit slow and only have three gears, but that’ll just help you to shift the puppy fat. A lot has been said about the awesome-osity of cycling and, alongside eating less meat, it is a move which could lead… read more

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A tribute to the talented illustrator and designer Jayne Helliwell.

Jayne Helliwell was an incredibly talented illustrator and designer who worked on issue 08 of Amelia's Magazine. She sadly suffered a fatal collision with a bus whilst riding her bike down Oxford Street on the 14th April 2010.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Pedal Powered Generators courtesy of Magnificent Revolution – Review

With their pedal-powered cinemas, sound systems, gigs and even food blenders, Magnificent Revolution's next bike generator workshop could well be a date to keep free in your 2010 diary...

Written by Liam Devany

Bike-powered blender.  All images: Magnificent Revolution, prescription edited by Zofia Walczak Magnificent Revolution is an not-for-profit London-based education collective who put together regular workshops on energy use and generation.   One […]


Earth Listings 8th – 14th June

Green events this week

Written by Tom Russell

This Saturday, information pills pill The Land Is Ours collective will occupy some disused land near Hammersmith. An eco-village will take root, viagra sale peacefully reclaiming land for a sustainable […]


Earth Listings

, 1st December 2008 - 7th December 2008

Written by Saven Chadha

If you try to describe this to someone (which you shouldn’t, this web sales don’t give anything away), doctor medications you will sound like you are conjuring from memory a […]