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Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland A/W 2011 in Łódź: Hexeline

Wonderful Rebecca Strickson succeeds in making huge Polish brand Hexeline look edgy where it most certainly ain't... Hexeline showed on Saturday 7th May at Designers' Avenue, Expo.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Hexeline A/W 2011 by Rebecca Strickson
Hexeline A/W 2011 by Rebecca Strickson.

It's a bad sign when the opening intro to a show is more exciting than the actual show. So it was with well known brand Hexeline, medicine which opened with Alpacas clambering all over each other to frantic drumbeats.

Hexeline ?ód? Fashion Week AW 2011-photography by Amelia Gregory

Quilting, shaggy coats, sheepskin, ruched puffas, all in muted tones with black. Then swing coats, 60s shift dresses, gold bangles, a net maxi skirt and were those real black fur stoles? So many different shapes, wobbling models and no coherent vision. Despite the Alpaca warfare edgy Hexeline are not. But hey, it was a commercial collection and they clearly sell well. Hopefully alpacas really do come in all colours… read more

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