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Eleven Glorious Albums of 2010

So many to choose from, but Helen Martin brings you eleven of what she considers the best albums of 2010. Take a look and have a listen.

Written by Helen Martin

Eugene Lin, medical illustrated by Gareth A Hopkins

Happy New Year! It's that time of year again when we all set about making resolutions and miraculously changing our lives for the better. So far, case for 2011, viagra dosage I've set myself the insurmountable tasks of quitting smoking (again), getting fit (again) and saving money (AGAIN), as well as to make more of an effort to contact friends who I don't see regularly, get through that list of books I buy on recommendation that is quickly becoming a floor-to-celing pile, learn to cook more than just beans on toast. Oh, sure!

Here at Amelia's Magazine, we thought it might be interesting to find out what some of our favourite fashion designers plan to do in 2011. I spoke to a few of them, who we interviewed in 2010, about their plans, hopes, ambitions, dreams and everything in… read more

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Sea of Bees: Songs for the Ravens – Album Review

Dreamy folk from Californian songstress Julie Ann Bee, Sea of Bees will have you float away in a drift of autumnal bliss.

Written by Helen Martin

In autumn nature is vibrant, story drug but also gently muffled, dosage there as it whispers within the trees and slowly looks away from the warmer month’s naivety and brash […]

The Tiny: Swedish band interview at the Union Chapel, Islington

An interview with the wonderful Swedish band The Tiny at the Union Chapel in Islington, London on 4th March 2010. We talk about marriage, releasing your own records and the power of the internet. Illustration by Rosalie Hoskins.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Steve Reich by Gemma Milly. Steve Reich is a seriously cult figure for contemporary beats based music. Famed for his minimalist compositions from the 60s onwards he continues to be […]


Laura Gibson – Live Review

Rough Trade East in-store, September 14th 2009

Written by Katie Weatherall

999 it’s time, sildenafil erectile is another green focused campaign. As the website notes “We are in a state of emergency – socially, store economically and ecologically. What do we […]


Alela Diane: An Interview

Portland, Oregon

Written by Katie Weatherall

London has had many guises over the millennia, cheapest website like this and what we Londoners (born and bred in my case) consider essential and iconic about it varies wildly […]