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X Factor 2011: An Illustrated Retrospective

This year's X Factor illustrated: see if you can guess who was the favourite contestant to draw...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Little Mix by Alison Day.

Every year X Factor is my guilty pleasure, something to look forward to as the weather draws in - a comforting combination of manufactured spats, OTT styling and dance routines and rubbish songs. And it may be over for 2011, but I couldn't resist seeing what my trusty twitter followers could come up with by way of illustrations…. was Amelia Lily so popular to draw because of all that pink, and what to make of the fact that runner up cutie-pie Marcus is totally unrepresented? Who knows: it's never quite obvious who will do well out of the X Factor: scroll on and enjoy!

Amelia Lily by Karina Jarv
Amelia Lily by Karina Jarv.

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