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An Interview with Edward Vince

Stop the presses, you are about to read a non fashion week related post! Ed Vince discusses his upcoming exhibition as part of PayneShurvell's 4x4, the third in their month long series of four day exhibitions

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Monday saw the fourth day dawn on London Fashion Week and delightfully my first day of intriguing ethical fashion presentations. First up on No. 1 Greek Street was the delightful Lu Flux, there visit web followed in the afternoon by - congratulations! - the Ethical Fashion Forum's Innovation Award winner Ada Zanditon. -

In the run up to London Fashion Week, more about Katie Antoniou interviewed Ada Zanditon about the trials, read more

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Art Exhibition Preview: PayneShurvell present 4×4

4x4, the new exhibition from PayneShurvell opens on Wednesday 8th September with the the first of four, four day exhibitions, Daisy Delaney's Dreams of Desire.

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Delorean by Daisy Delaney 4×4 the new exhibition at PayneShurvell opens on Wednesday, more about in association with the anti-design festival. For four weeks, the gallery will be home to […]