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Mexican Art: Engravings of José Guadalupe Posada

Our new arts correspondent lives in Mexico: here she talks us through some wonderful inspiration from an exhibition at the Jose Guadalupe Posada Museum in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Written by Judy Elizabeth Wilson

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Speakers Corner By Alon Merron Part of M&M! Curated by Daniel Charny
Speakers Corner - By Alon Merron - Part of M&M! Curated by Daniel Charny.

Neville Brody's introductory rhetorical footing for the Anti Design Festival in press and in person circulates around a narrative of a "cultural deep freeze" that he perceives has lasted for twenty-five years. The inference of this could be that the arts were coerced into a greater level of financially independence under Tory rule in the 1980's through different commercial approaches, nurse including major spaces charging for exhibitions and the diversification of additional commercial enterprise. Later, side effects generation yBa responded to sleaze and general right wingery by self-organisation and tendencies to push the limits of taste. Co-opted, re-branded as part of 'Cool Britannia', British artists and creatives found themselves comfortably ensconced in opportunity and funding under New… read more

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Written by Michael Buick

Aquaponics. ‘Aqua what?’ would be a reasonable response but you may well be hearing this word a lot more. One short answer is ‘promise’: the promise of cultivating delicious, clinic […]