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The Golden Thread Awards at Fashion Week Poland A/W 2011: Colourful Patterns

These designers work in very different ways, but they've all done the unthinkable (in Polish terms, from what I've seen) and embraced the use of pattern and colour. Meet Natalia Paliy, Domi Grzybek, Katharina Kubiak and Sofie Gaudaen.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Jo Cheung_Sofie Gauden Golden Thread AW 2011
Sofie Gauden AW 2011 by Jo Cheung.

Very few Golden Thread designers really embraced colour and pattern. But these ones did.

Natalia Paliy Golden Thread Poland Fashion Week AW 2011 by Michalis Christodoulou
Natalia Paliy AW 2011 by Michalis Christodoulou.

Natalia Paliy
Natalia Paliy Golden Thread Fashion Week Poland AW 2011Natalia Paliy Golden Thread… <a href=read more

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