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Smash the Piggy Piñata at the Annual International Banking Conference

This morning I paid an early morning visit to the Annual International Banking Conference, attended by head honchos from RBS... and activists from UK Tar Sands Network and Climate Camp London.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Piggy Pinata RBS UK Tar Sands Network
Photography by Amelia Gregory.

This morning I made an especially early start so that I could take a whack at a 'piggy piñata' outside the Annual International Banking Conference held in Threadneedle Street. Sometimes I think that I live just a little bit too close to the axis of financial evil that is the City of London, viagra buy but it sure makes it handy to get along to protests.

Piggy Pinata RBS UK Tar Sands Network

In collaboration with the UK Tar Sands Network, Climate Camp London decided it would be a good idea to swing by this conference - attended by RBS head honchos Stephen Hester and Gordon Nixon - as a preclude to the main national Climate Camp, to be held somewhere near the headquarters of RBS outside Edinburgh in Scotland this summer. You probably read more

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Have you heard of a new online venture showcasing every month a series of videos on Tate exhibitions and contemporary artists? Tate Shots' Jared Schiller tells Amelia's readers about living the dream.

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Tate Britain, London

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turner 1 thumb

Turner & the Masters – should have formed a supergroup

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