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George Pringle at the Social: Live Review

We catch the London singer’s much anticipated return on Saturday 15th June 2013.

Written by Richard Pearmain

George Pringle by Maria Montiel

George Pringle by Maria Montiel

It seems strange to think that it’s been three whole years since George Pringle last graced a stage. I’d seen her a few times at various venues around town, a resolutely awkward presence usually at complete odds (musically, anyway) with the other bands she was on the bill with. Describing herself as a diseuse, her vaguely autobiographical spoken-word delivery, set to GarageBand beats from a Mac laptop, earned column inches, even before the appearance of her first album, the self released Salon Des Refusés. She also managed to bag a support spot with Air on a European tour, before seeming to disappear from view.

And yet here we are at the Social, in a narrow basement in a narrow bar tucked away from the bustle of a West End Saturday night. read more

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