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Alternative Fashion Week 2010 at Spitalfields Market: a review of Day 4

By day four of Alternative Fashion Week things started to get a little confusing. Highlights from the first half include Nicole Gill, Alex Seroge, George Strood and Gemma Maher.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Alternative Fashion Week Day 4 2010 Nicole Gill
All photography by Amelia Gregory.

By Day 4 at Alternative Fashion Week things start to go a little hazy - and the other bloggers who were so keen earlier in the week seem to have all gone quiet so it's much harder for me to cross check my facts and be sure that I have the right credits for the right designers. Do let me know if I've got it wrong or I've missed out a link.

As I arrived a bevy of scantily clad beauties were lining up for a photo call at the back of one of the dressing tents. They were modelling the lingerie designs of Nicole Gill, story case whose collection was described as being inspired by the Balinese Barong dance, whatever that is. Now, I'm no specialist on Balinese culture but I'm fairly certain that they don't dance in their underwear or wear corsets.… read more

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Alternative Fashion Week 2010 at Spitalfields Market: An Introduction.

Alternative Fashion Week 2010 runs at Spitalfields Market between 19th - 23rd April 2010. Here's my introduction to this exciting event for up and coming fashion designers.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Alternative Fashion Week is a funny old beast, stuff one that I’ve been getting to know rather well over the past week. And really getting to become rather fond of. […]