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Ashley Isham: London Fashion Week S/S 2015 Catwalk Review

Ashley Isham showcased a typically glamourous collection of evening gowns and swimsuits at the Freemasons' Hall during London Fashion Week, September 2014.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Ashley Isham by Laurie Nouchka
Ashley Isham by Laurie Nouchka.

Ashley Isham always has a flair for the dramatic and this season his models strutted down the runway before pausing to pout and pose at the ornate doors for the photographers. They wore a succession of swirling gowns in bright cerise pink, saturated royal blue and smokey greys. Ornate beaded details, fringing and curlicued lace were used in asymmetric formation with the addition of bondage inspired leather belts, which gave some edge to the proceedings. I particularly liked a pairing of softest grey silk with tomato leather shoulder caplets and wide cutout belt.

Ashley Isham SS 2015 photo by Amelia Gregory
Hats were chosen to complement the heightened sense of drama, either woven baseball caps with outsized brims, or colossal affairs; spiked urchin umbrellas from under which models could glance askew. Lips and shoes… read more

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