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Dame Elizabeth Taylor 1932 – 2011

Here's our illustrated tribute to Hollywood legend, silver screen icon and humanitarian Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

Written by Matt Bramford

THUMB Kee Boutique 2 Michelle Urvall Nyrén

Kee Boutique illustration by Faye West

Lately, salve I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with myself. You know, life stuff. I am incredibly grateful for my job, especially as I have friends in dire unemployment situations but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming about the ‘what if’s’ and ‘one day’s’ . I don’t have a single dream job. I never have. I do however, In my slightly schizophrenic special way, harbour numerous secret career cravings. These range from the sublime (Anthropologist, midwife, Inventor) to the ridiculous (Pearly Queen, agony aunt, Riverdance star- seriously.) But most of all I hope that one day, once upon a time perhaps, I shall have the means and the balls to… read more

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Smokefairies Illustration

Live Review: Smoke Fairies and Sea of Bees at The Fleece, Bristol

Smoke Fairies are all ethereal, moody blues/folk, whilst Californian, Sea of Bees' sound is sweet and wistful. A mighty mid-week treat to see them both play on one blustery night in February.

Written by Helen Martin

Smoke Fairies Illustration by Alice Potter The violinist comes on stage. He’s very tall and his tailcoat, ask wide tie and long hair and mostasche are how I consider a […]

My Best Albums of 2010

Including albums from Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou, The Golden Filter, Our Broken Garden, 6 Day Riot and Peggy Sue. All delightfully illustrated too.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Image courtesy of Rogue Initiating a relationship over the Internet is an age-old tale and I have friends who have successfully trodden this path, viagra dosage no rx but not […]

The Art of Fashion at the Whitechapel Gallery: In Conversation with Erdem Moralioglu

Fashion hunk Erdem Moralioglu discusses the art that has influenced him the most… but does there really have to be a message in the medium?

Written by Matt Bramford

Joe Worricker by Karina Yarv. Joe Worricker was indeed wearing stars on his face, generic as declared on twitter twenty minutes before I arrived at his gig. I could hear […]