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Pet Portraits: Your Furry Friends Illustrated for Christmas

Why not commission a unique bespoke portrait of a loved one's favourite pet as the perfect one-of-a-kind Christmas gift? These illustrators would be happy to help out.

Written by Amelia Gregory

irkafirka unicycle
Intrigued by a side project by one of our contributors, approved I decided to get to the bottom of this irkafirka business...

irkafirka: illustrated tweets. "Anything you say may be taken down and coloured in." What a great idea, diagnosis how did the project start?
My old friend Chris challenged me to draw a Twitter-inspired doodle a day and post it. My initial reaction was “I don't have time for this” but the seed was planted, and I decided it wouldn't do any harm to try it once. The response was instant and we were both hooked.

Who is irkafirka and why the name?
irkafirka is Nick Hilditch (illustrator, that's me) and Chris Bell (curator). The name is a Hungarian word meaning doodle. I lived in Budapest for 7 years and speak Hungarian poorly, but its a beautiful word, and I filed it away years ago for future use. Everything about irkafirka came together very spontaneously – the concept, the name, the little dog logo. Everything about it feels right to us.

How did you two hook up and how long have you been in business?
Chris and I have been friends since school, although our lives took us in different directions. It was only through… read more

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