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Deloitte Ignite 2011 at the Royal Opera House: Festival Review

Over the 2nd - 4th September, the Royal Opera House was home again to Deloitte Ignite. Drawn in by the big names, I booked my free tickets and went along. These are some of my personal highlights, and in keeping with this year’s theme, “Just Tell the Truth”, some of the lows as well.

Written by Miranda Williams

Red Dancer by Claire Kearns

Red Dancer by Claire Kearns

Mike Figgis held the creative reins at the festival this year. One of the names he had invited along was someone I was keen to see - Hans Ulrich Obrist, the director of the Serpentine Gallery and art mastermind. When we arrived at the epicentre of the festival, the Paul Hamlyn Hall, Hans and Mike were in deep conversation about Mike's career, and his thoughts on Hollywood. Mike spoke bitterly about what he saw as the corruption of mainstream cinema and wasn't abashed to name and shame, as he slammed Michael Bay and likened Steven Spielberg to Adolf Hitler. A poor shot from Figgis I thought.

Paul Hamlyn Hall by Amelia Gregory

Paul Hamlyn Hall by read more

Recent Articles

Happy Birthday Grow Heathrow

Transition Heathrow celebrates one year of nurturing a sustainable community in the path of the third runway at Sipson. Congratulations! Inspiring mini documentary by You and I Films. Illustrations by Rebecca Peacock and Sam Parr.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Grow Heathrow by Rebecca Peacock. Just over a year ago a group of my friends envisioned a radical new version of the Transition Town model. Activists drawn from groups such […]

Just Do It: get off your arse and change the world with a Crude Awakening

Both these causes need your help... read more to find out how!

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Illustration by Mina Bach In June, Amelia’s Magazine previewed Just Do It: get off your arse and change the world, a feature documentary (in production) from Age of Stupid Executive […]

Film Preview: Just Do It – get off your arse and change the world launches Crowd Funding appeal

Just Do It looks into the mischievous and risky world of UK climate activists, and it needs your help...

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Photography by Mini Mouse Left Field Films is producing an exciting new documentary film on climate change and is asking for your help to get it completed. Since 2009, Just […]

Solar Impulse: the plane that flies with the power of the sun.

On April 7th 2010 the first solar plane took flight. Read all about why this is such an important milestone. Illustrations by Thereza Rowe.

Written by Amelia Wells

The Solar Impulse Plane. Illustration by Thereza Rowe. Holiday season is steadily approaching; the time when adverts for faraway climes become ever more enticing and flight prices drop like environmentalists’ […]

Grow Heathrow thb

Activism in the community: Plane Stupid/ Climate Camp combine with locals to target Heathrow’s runway plan

Welcome to Sipson - a village that would be completely wiped out if Heathrow has its way, but is also seeing activists and locals team up to fight the third runway

Written by Adam Bollard

Site entrance: the sight that greets you as you enter Vineries Close at the end of Sipson Lane Question: How do you use direct action that really engages and aids […]


Agrofuels Don’t Roc(K) – Rally against Biofuels

Out on the streets just make sure we don't block the pavement...

Written by Adam S

On Monday evening as the sun set and the lights from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) blared onto the street, over a hundred protesters gathered to call […]


PLANESTUPID Stansted Protest

Stanstead Airport, 7th December 2008

Written by Holly Gregson

At 3am on the morning of the 7th of December two mini buses, a 1960s fire engine and just over 50 cold, eager and very excited protesters turned up at […]

Climate Rush: We Rock!

Parliament Square, Oct 13th 2008

Written by Amelia

Well, we did it. 100 years after the Suffragettes bravely confronted a government that was failing them, we have done the same! Last night was as brilliant as we dreamed […]

Climate Rush and Newham Flashmob

Liverpool St & Newham town hall, 7/8 Oct 2008

Written by Amelia

It’s been a busy few days – I’ve been up early again with the Suffragettes to try and persuade city commuters that they should join the Climate Rush on Monday. […]