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Climate Camp Regional Gatherings

Written by Zofia Walczak

Climate Camp London Gathering
When: Saturday 16th Jan 10.30am to 6.30pm, Sunday 17th Jan 10.30am-5.30pm
Where: Tottenham Chances, 399 High Rd, Tottenham, London N17 6QN
Nearest tube: Tottenham Hale or Seven Sisters (Victoria Line)

So…my first post as editor of the Earth section at Amelia’s Magazine! I’ve been preparing some posts for the listings page, overwhelmed with news of meetings and events, but here’s an overview of some of the Climate Camp gatherings going on in the next week.

photo courtesy of Amelia
People's Assembly outside the gates of the Bella Centre in Copenhagen
(All photographs courtesy of Amelia)

Copenhagen may have been a predictable let-down, but it is also a wake-up call to creative and motivated individuals everywhere. Environmental decisions cannot just be left to politicians -… read more

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People Speak – Who Wants to Be?

As the world meets in Copenhagen to discuss Climate Change, an art collective is inviting you to decide your own fate

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All Photos © The People Speak The People Speak is an arts and technology collective with a very good idea; it is inviting the world to decide its own fate […]


COP15 rapped up

An interview with the pair behind the Lord Monckton and Al Gore rap battle video

Written by Grace Beaumont

THIS JUST IN! Copenhagen Climate Summit: Lord Monckton rap battles Al Gore “It’s freedom they’re plundering, and you’re the scare-monger king!” cries global warming sceptic Lord Monckton to former American […]


COP out CAMP out

Written by Grace Beaumont

Because it’s business as usual in Copenhagen!


Warm-up for Copenhagen!

Join the action with a day of workshops, debate and more at the Great Global Warm-Up event this Saturday

Written by Grace Beaumont

Join the action with a day of workshops, debate and more at the Great Global Warm-Up event this Saturday


Direct action! (And why we should do it)

Written by Marta Puigdemasa

You’re about to read a straightforward initiation plan that might not just change your life, but also (with a little help of your friends, and maybe the friends of your friends) our world.


Earth Listings: 23rd – 29th November 2009

Written by Grace Beaumont

Climate Rush Film Screening: DEEDS NOT WORDS Tuesday 24th November 2009  Image courtesy of Amelia Gregory It’s been just over a year since Climate Rush decended on Parliament dressed as […]


Looking a little closer at The Bigger Picture: Festival of Interdependence

Climate ration packs to bread-making: The top 5 on the day

Written by Adam S

The Bigger Picture: Festival of Interdependence aimed to kick start a transition to a new economy, looking at everybody’s carbon footprint and educating with a range of talks, speakers and […]